Ready to step into your power as a witch and priestess?

Join me to learn about Wicca, Paganism, witchcraft and everything that goes along with it!

I'm SO ready!


  • Learn about the elements, energy, traditions, tools and how to set up an altar.

  • One of the building blocks of most spiritual paths, we sense and channel energy to make things happen.

  • Learn about different pantheons, belief systems, connecting with deity and how to invite the gods into your life and rituals.

  • In the program, we break down the ritual steps so you'll understand not only HOW, but also why we do it.

  • You'll understand the energy of the moon phases (esbats), the turning of the wheel (sabbats) and how to write your own ritual for any occasion.

  • We explore why spells work, and also talk about popular spell catalysts, so that you can learn to create successful spells.

Hi I'm Ivy

Hi, my name is Ivy, nice to meet you!

I started this group program as a series of in-person classes to ready apprentices for full initiation into my coven and tradition. I've spent almost fifteen years fine-tuning and adjusting the material and now I'm able to bring it to you via the internet!

If you are looking for a spooky, vague, mysterious teacher to teach you, then this is probably not the place for you. I'm practical, kinda dorky, and will be teaching from a place of grounding and non-judgement.

I also cuss sometimes and spoil the crap out of my dog.

More About Me

What Other Witches are Saying

  • You will LOVE it! Ivy is a wonderful teacher and person. The classes are very well thought out and organized. Whatever your knowledge level, you will come away with an even greater knowledge level and lots of practical experience and the confidence to create and execute beautiful rituals and spells that work.

    Chelsea A. Second Degree Priestess / HPS in Training
  • I really recommend this class for anyone who has been interested in finding out what Wicca is about. It's taught by a very thoughtful teacher who has the background needed to be a spectacular guide.

    Allison B.