• Before taking Ivy's classes, I had a very limited knowledge of Wicca and witchcraft and I had zero practical experience. I've taken a few classes that marketed themselves as being beginner courses only to find out that there's a steep learning curve. This program is very accessible but I also never felt stifled when it came to wanting to further explore what interested me. The class is comprehensive without being overwhelming and it's more neutral and balanced than some other sources who may try to pigeonhole people into a particular dogma. With this class, you can walk away with not only solid information, but tools that will benefit you going forward. I really appreciated being given work that granted practical experience for various lessons. It can be difficult to retain information just from having read it, but putting the new information into practice really solidifies the concepts to me. The information provided through the program was wonderful (and I still have my notes and print outs) but I really appreciate that the classes have me a great framework and understanding for learning about a variety of different belief systems. It can be difficult knowing how to approach belief systems that are new to us. Having been guided through Wicca and witchcraft by someone knowledgeable and experienced provides a level of help you can't get from something like reading a book.

    Allison Barcenes
  • Before taking this program, I had read a few books about Wicca but I was pretty much a beginner. I loved the practical element of the classes. I would recommend studying with Ivy because she is so knowledgeable, experienced and professional and never judgmental or unkind.

    Heather Westenhofer 2* Initiated Priestess & Owner, Suburban Artemis
  • Ivy is a WONDERFUL teacher. She is very engaging and encouraging. Her theoretical and practical knowledge is extensive and she is very organized. I just can't emphasize enough how these classes will help root your practice in solid concepts and practical knowledge. I have walked away from Wicca 101 classes confused, particularly in regards to the center of the ritual. The center is the most important part. It's the POINT of the ritual, yet if you go to a public ritual, often there seems to be no real center, just a flaky meditation or something and I've seen the same thing in Wicca 101 classes. Ivy will teach you not only how to build a great ritual structure, but how to create a good center whether it's a solid spell or a celebration for a Sabbat. I love being in a coven and not being a high priestess, but if you don't have that luxury and want to start a group on your own, after taking this program, you will have the tools to do just that.

    Chelsea Arrington 2* Initiated Priestess / HPS in Training
  • I took this in person and I can attest that I am a much more confident and knowledgeable Witch than I was before. I was pretty much an Armchair Witch before I took her classes and became part of her coven, and these classes were the beginning of coming into myself as a Priestess and Witch.

    Hayley Arrington 2* Initiated Priestess

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